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An old stone mill that was built in 1796 . On the first floor and basement I use the water power that used to ground feed and flour to generate electricity. The power that I don’t use I sell to PP&L, our local electric utility.

The Mill is on the Mahantango Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River. A headrace delivers water to the 36″ S. Morgan Smith turbine that replaced an older turbine in 1941. The Smith turbine was built in 1916 and used in the Brantsville Mill in York County until 1941. This turbine uses about 100 cubic of  water every second at full gate and is connected via belts to an induction generator that produces over 50 Kilowatts of electricity at 240 Volts 3 phase. I installed a smaller 18″ S. Morgan Smith turbine that uses approximately 25 cubic feet of water per second and produces 15 Kilowatts.

Check out the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills site SPOOM